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Question. Can a MODIX press actually receive all my different style moulds?
Answer. A MODIX press has a flexible chest design with your multiple mould types in mind. Simply.Smart.
Question. How can I actually save money with the MODIX press?
Answer. Compared to all other conventional systems on the market, the cost savings are clearly measurable in several different areas:
  • Guaranteed strong vacuum without expensive pumps
  • Guaranteed low-maintenance cost by using standard components(available locally)
  • Guaranteed dryer parts with no need for a drying tunnel
  • Easy to maintain means no need for expensive service calls from your machine supplier
  • Remolding without expensive compressed air

  • … just to name a few. Simply. Smart.
Question. What do you think about electric drive systems?
Answer. Electric drives are good systems. They are used in many high-end equipment in different industries. MODIX can deliver presses with electric drives, however, the challenge lies more in the resources and the knowledge base that the molder has. If no specialist is on hand to fix or adjust an electric drive, the cost for multiple days of downtime and the cost to bring in the supplier’s specialist will quickly outspend the few advantages of an electric drive
Question. Do you have a team that can truly partner with us for our projects?
Answer.The MODIX way is simple: We are not here to sell you what we make. First, we need to understand what your challenges and together we will decide what is the best for your company going forward. If the MODIX technology is the answer, than lets do business together. Simply.Smart.
Question. Do you have the parts and service we require available in North America?
Answer. Yes, we do, at our plant in Wisconsin. However, the majority of our parts and filler business is for conventional molding presses currently on the market. Customers that have MODIX equipment tell us that on average they spend US $1,000-2,000 annually on wear and tear parts and small repairs. Simply.Smart.
Question. Is there a way to take advantage of any government incentive programs using efficient Modix technology?
Answer. FOCUS on ENERGY in Wisconsin has recognized the significant savings our technology and has granted over 100,000 to molders as an incentive to purchase a MODIX press versus a conventional press from Europe. Simply.Smart.

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